Still waiting!

So ….20121004-145409.jpgYes, I’m still waiting to see my little baby. Honestly it’s beginning to get a little frustrating but I’m trying to cope as much as possible. It really doesn’t help when people say “you’re still pregnant!?” I’m trying to stay positive and just laugh it off but some days are really quite difficult. I’m going a little crazy staying home so I ventured off today and went shopping for the morning. We are getting our new bed this weekend so I had to go buy a new comforter and such because it is a bigger bed than we currently have. I’m pretty excited because it is a sleep number and it is sooooo comfy. Hopefully I’ll deliver the baby before the bed gets delivered, haha.

I felt a lot of “action” today while I was walking around the mall. Everyday I feel more contractions, which makes me cheer a little inside. I never thought that I would be excited to feel contractions but I’m so anxious that every little pain is progress. I feel great and I don’t mind being pregnant, I’m just ready to hold my little babe!

This picture was taken by a local photographer, Lisa Sherwood Photography did such an amazing job with my maternity photos. I am absolutely 100% happy with all of my images and I can’t wait to order my photos!


Come out, come out wherever you are.

I really thought that I’d have had this baby by now, it’s really surprising me how well I feel. I don’t really even feel like I”m pregnant, outside of the uncomfortable sleep, the hip pain and of course the moving little baby inside of me. I have one week exactly until my due date and I’ve had a few contractions but really I do feel great.

Being that I’m ALWAYS early with babies I figured that I wouldn’t make it until October but I think that I just might be surprised this time. I’m just getting really antsy because everything is ready. I don’t think that I could be anymore prepared for this baby to come. I have the diapers, disposable and cloth, wipes, blankets, hats, onesies, a few items of clothing, bottles, everything necessary for a baby, just no baby yet.

My energy level is pretty good, sleep hasn’t been bad (I do have to wake up about every 3 hours to pee). If I had to judge how this labor process was going to be by how I felt a few months ago I would have guessed that I’d be miserable right now! I can’t remember how I felt the last few weeks of my pregnancy with William. I remember that I thought he was coming so I took time off of work and then everything stopped so I went back for another week and he was born after Thanksgiving. Maybe I just need to get back to work! I’ve been taking it pretty easy only because I can, maybe I should get back in the kitchen and work this baby out.

Owning a business has made this experience a lot different than all the other pregnancies. I do have a lot of work to do but I also have the luxury of taking time off when I need to. Our employees have really taken over a lot of my tasks so even when I am working I feel like I’m just in the way. It’s almost easier on everyone if I just stay home!

I don’t know what the answer is, I guess it’s just another lesson in patience from God! He/She will come out and join us when he/she is good and ready. I’m just so excited, which makes it really hard to wait!