Still waiting!

So ….20121004-145409.jpgYes, I’m still waiting to see my little baby. Honestly it’s beginning to get a little frustrating but I’m trying to cope as much as possible. It really doesn’t help when people say “you’re still pregnant!?” I’m trying to stay positive and just laugh it off but some days are really quite difficult. I’m going a little crazy staying home so I ventured off today and went shopping for the morning. We are getting our new bed this weekend so I had to go buy a new comforter and such because it is a bigger bed than we currently have. I’m pretty excited because it is a sleep number and it is sooooo comfy. Hopefully I’ll deliver the baby before the bed gets delivered, haha.

I felt a lot of “action” today while I was walking around the mall. Everyday I feel more contractions, which makes me cheer a little inside. I never thought that I would be excited to feel contractions but I’m so anxious that every little pain is progress. I feel great and I don’t mind being pregnant, I’m just ready to hold my little babe!

This picture was taken by a local photographer, Lisa Sherwood Photography did such an amazing job with my maternity photos. I am absolutely 100% happy with all of my images and I can’t wait to order my photos!


One thought on “Still waiting!

  1. Congratulations! How exciting.. I’m 26 weeks myself and am aiming for a natural birth. If this is something you’ve considered, I invite you over to my blog.. : ) I look forward to your journey!

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