Come out, come out wherever you are.

I really thought that I’d have had this baby by now, it’s really surprising me how well I feel. I don’t really even feel like I”m pregnant, outside of the uncomfortable sleep, the hip pain and of course the moving little baby inside of me. I have one week exactly until my due date and I’ve had a few contractions but really I do feel great.

Being that I’m ALWAYS early with babies I figured that I wouldn’t make it until October but I think that I just might be surprised this time. I’m just getting really antsy because everything is ready. I don’t think that I could be anymore prepared for this baby to come. I have the diapers, disposable and cloth, wipes, blankets, hats, onesies, a few items of clothing, bottles, everything necessary for a baby, just no baby yet.

My energy level is pretty good, sleep hasn’t been bad (I do have to wake up about every 3 hours to pee). If I had to judge how this labor process was going to be by how I felt a few months ago I would have guessed that I’d be miserable right now! I can’t remember how I felt the last few weeks of my pregnancy with William. I remember that I thought he was coming so I took time off of work and then everything stopped so I went back for another week and he was born after Thanksgiving. Maybe I just need to get back to work! I’ve been taking it pretty easy only because I can, maybe I should get back in the kitchen and work this baby out.

Owning a business has made this experience a lot different than all the other pregnancies. I do have a lot of work to do but I also have the luxury of taking time off when I need to. Our employees have really taken over a lot of my tasks so even when I am working I feel like I’m just in the way. It’s almost easier on everyone if I just stay home!

I don’t know what the answer is, I guess it’s just another lesson in patience from God! He/She will come out and join us when he/she is good and ready. I’m just so excited, which makes it really hard to wait!



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