Dear Teenage Me

I’ve been thinking about starting a series for my blog titled Dear…   where I would write a letter to someone in my life. I would write about the things that I want to tell them but may not necessarily be able to actually say. I got the idea after I wrote Dear Baby the other day and then when I went on the Nesting Place today it sort of made my decision for me. Sometimes you get little signs in life and you just have to trust that they will take you the right direction.

Since I’ve turned 30 and my 10 year reunion was just a few years ago I’ve been thinking a lot about high school. We had a girl living with us last year while she finished her senior year and it really hit home for me. Dealing with family, learning who you are, becoming a woman but still being a child. There is a lot to process in those few years, writing this letter sort of lets me put some closure on my past.

Anyway, Emily at Chatting at the Sky started a link up party for letters to your teenaged self, check it out if you’re interested!

Dear Teenage Me,

Being a teenager is tough, you have all these hormones that you don’t understand, self-esteem issues that you don’t understand, a crazy mother that you don’t understand and you just lost the most important person in your life.  Plus all of your friends are going through similar changes and they don’t understand either. Life is not so black and white, learn to look past the issue in front of your face and try to see the whole picture, it will make things a lot easier.

Don’t make fun of people. It’s not cool or funny to pick on other peoples insecurities and the only reason that you do it is to hide your own insecurities. Work on yourself rather than put other people down. Being kind to others can only bring good to your life.

Your mother is crazy, really, she’s crazy and it’s not just you. Don’t try to hurt yourself to get back at her, don’t put yourself down because she can’t cope with her own flaws. You will get past these next few years and you will learn that you are not her (no matter how many people tell you how much you look alike).  Find a good counselor, someone that you can talk to and get the crap out, your stomach will feel better and the headaches will go away.

Trust in God. I know that’s hard to swallow right now, especially since grandpa died and he was the only one that seemed to get you. Find some faith, the sooner you do and the sooner that you trust in Him the easier life will be. Ok, maybe life won’t get easier but it can be a lot less stressful. Life will not go as you expect but if you have faith and let God guide your path you will be pleasantly surprised.

Don’t stop writing. You are good, you have a lot of potential and you really love it. Keep at it and you will only get better, who knows you could be a writer someday.  It’s not a worthless career choice, you don’t need to just get a mindless job to pay the bills and as a result be unhappy for the rest of your life. You have talent don’t waste it.

Don’t drop out of band your senior year. This is supposed to be the best year of your high school life; you’ll only regret dropping out of band. Keep practicing and join a college band after you graduate. You have worked so hard, music is an incredible gift that you don’t want to just throw away because you are so stuck in a depression that nothing seems to matter.

Don’t be afraid to try new things, living in fear will only hold you back from the exciting life that you deserve to have. Get tattoos, try new things, meet new people, sing, travel, and don’t fear doing things because of what family members might say. They are stuck in their ways and that is not you. By the way, you will join the Army and kick ass doing it despite what your family members may have told you.

Be yourself and most importantly love yourself!



A little more mature but not quite grown up.


5 thoughts on “Dear Teenage Me

  1. Your teenage self is too stinkin’ adorable. (But if I say that, will you kick my civilian butt?). And you do have writing talent, so I’m glad you’re still doing it.

    • Haha thanks for the nice comment. I’m a civilian now too so there will be no butt kicking from me. I just started writing again after almost 10 years so I’m glad that it’s coming back!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear teenage Tiff,

    I knew you a lifetime ago. We met by fate, I believe. I made an appearance in the picture just as your most beloved family member had departed. I understood your pain and frustration; I certainly had my own.

    There was a bond there, as though we had known each other our whole lives. I always knew you were special. You had a spark that not a lot of people have. I knew it.

    I tried to be there for you as much as possible. I’m sure I wasn’t always the greatest friend. My own hang ups, to which I still have, tend to make me socially isolated. I’m ok with it, but that same reason makes me not a great friend. For the record, I always saw your awesomeness! Reading your blog amazes me. Mom of soon to be 4? Wow. It’s cool beans though. I always thought you would start a band and have 100 jobs by the end of your 20s. You were an adventure seeker. Your heart always desired for more than the mere offerings in front of you. I could see the fire within your soul of not living an ordinary life. That is what drew me to you. You were never once, not for one moment, ordinary; simply extraordinary, in my opinion.

    If I could tell teenage Tiffany one thing, I think I would sum it up with this: passion. Never lose your passion for life, adventure, learning, writing and love. You have so much to offer this world. You provided me a lifetime of discoveries in the short while I knew you. Your passion will drive you the rest of life. You have a fire within that rages with creativity. Indulge.


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