Pregnancy Must Haves

Throughout this pregnancy there have been a few products that I use on a regular basis, by regular I mean practically every day. This is my fourth pregnancy and I’ve come to learn that there a some things that you actually need and some things are just really nice to have.

In the need category are things like, rest, vitamins and supplements, a healthy diet, exercise. This is a time when you should be pampering yourself a little, okay maybe a lot, you are growing a human inside of your body! I’ve realized that you don’t need a lot of STUFF, you really just need to focus on the journey and try to make it as pleasurable as you possible.  Below are some things in my “nice to have” category, things that I used practically every day of my pregnancy.

My Favs

1.)    Old Navy Ribbed Tanks. I have one in almost every color that they offer! It was such a hot and miserable summer, these tanks really saved me. I wore this practically every day and they are so easy to mix and match! A lot of times I just wore a tank with a cute necklace or scarf, but they also work under a cardi or chambray shirt, with jeans, shorts, skirts… the list goes on and on.

2.)     Old Navy Shirred Waist Compression Pants. I don’t know about you but I HATE maternity pants. They are always falling off! I feel like I spend half a day pulling my pants up, that’s not comfortable but these pants are the way to go. They are like a yoga pant but a little more flattering. I wore these most days when I didn’t want to worry about keeping my pants pulled up.

3.)    Aveda Hand Relief. This product is amazing, I used it before my pregnancy but really loved it during when my hands would swell up, it absorbs really well and smells great, like a minty herbally smell. I buy this from my friends salon, you can find it online at or any salon that uses Aveda products.

4.)    Yogi Mother to Be tea. I’ve drunken a lot of this stuff, especially when my tummy was upset or I had heartburn. It has herbs in it that are suppose to help with your reproductive system and such. My midwife also suggested it and I trust her with my life.

5.)    Mama Mio Tummy Rub. I love this stuff! It’s a little spendy (about $35 for 4oz) but you don’t need to use a lot. I’m only on my second jar and I’ll have a lot left over after baby arrives (in a few weeks). It smells amazing, I almost want to eat it, and it doesn’t have bad stuff in it like parabens or sulfates. I have a few stretch marks from my previous pregnancies but I haven’t found ANY new ones after using this stuff.

6.)    Birkenstocks. I love my birkies and I wear them practically every day! When I’m pregnant I hate wearing shoes, they hurt my feet and they’re hot, I just don’t like it. We spent the weekend in Duluth and Two Harbors, I walked probably 8 miles (mostly on uneven trails) in a few days, my feet really did not hurt at all.

7.)    The Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent. I’m borrowing this from my midwife right now, trying to get my brain in delivery mode. Each chapter of this book is a different birth story, written by a nurse who became a midwife. Most of them are home births but she does write about hospital deliveries as well. I’ve really enjoyed reading this book, some of the stories are really touching and some are just wild. I’ve laughed out loud on several occasions.

8.)    Wet Seal Racer Back Maxi Dress. I’m so glad that I bought this dress! I bought this early in my pregnancy and if I would have known how much I was going to wear it I would have bought two in each color. I have it in brown and it is so versatile. It’s not a maternity dress but it is so comfortable. It can be dressed up really nicely or stay casual. The sad part is they don’t have it anymore, but I would still recommend a good maxi dress to anyone that may be pregnant during the hot months. It’s so much more comfortable to wear a dress that to have a lot of clothes on, plus you can go commando and no one will know!

Some other things that I forgot to add, I have a maternity/nursing pillow that has been a lifesaver. I bought this one at Wal-Mart on sale but it is available on for a reasonable price. Also, this one doubles as a nursing pillow for after baby is born which is nice to have if you don’t have a Boppy. A maternity pillow is really nice to sleep with especially later in pregnancy because it’s not as bulky as having a traditional pillow.

Massage and Chiropractic Care are something that I really believe in. I started going to the Chiropractor during my last pregnancy because I was having problems with my hips. Now I go regularly and I feel so much better this pregnancy. I went to the Chiropractor, had an adjustment and some acupressure done the day before I went into labor with William.  Also, it’s known to cut your labor time down, some say in half! Massage therapy is also really great for promoting relaxation and relieving tension. I typically have a lot of back pain during pregnancy because I’m so petite, nothing is more relaxing than getting a good massage! Unfortunately you’ll have to “shop” around for a good massage therapist, some just don’t do if for me but I have been able to find a few that do a really amazing job.


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