Dear Baby.

Dear Baby,

I went to my midwife on Tuesday for my usual checkup and found out that I was beginning to dilate! I’m only at 1 ½ centimeters right now but that is a step closer to the day when you will arrive. This pregnancy has been really great, despite the humidity and heat this summer, I’ve been feeling really good. Thinking about you has really uplifted my spirits. When I found out in January that I was pregnant I was surprised, totally excited but surprised. I had wished, hoped and prayed for you for such a very long time and just when I had finally let go of the idea of having another baby you surprised me. God really does provide if we can just trust Him and be patient for the time to come.

As you grow bigger in my belly and my back begins to ache my heart swells with love knowing that you are so close to being in my arms rather than my belly (which I’m sure we’ll both prefer). All of the preparations are set, I’m ready for you to be here but I still have to wait for the surprise. The surprise being the day you decide to show us your precious little face. The surprise of finally knowing if you’re a George or a Molly. We are all so very anxious to meet you!

Patiently awaiting for your arrival I write this letter to you so that someday you can read it and know that we loved you, our little surprise, before you were even born!




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