Back to school, I want to jump up in down in celebration that both of my school age children are back in school today! Because they both attend different schools they started on different days, Avery had her first day back yesterday and Simon today. It is kind of a pain but it also has it’s perks. Avery got to have a good, quiet and calm morning yesterday. I got up and helped her braid her hair, she ate breakfast and I drove her to school. This morning was not so calm and quiet. I woke up to Avery crying and Simon yelling at a mere 6:15 am. I was confused, so I got out of bed to see what was going on only to find Simon standing in Avery’s room, fully dressed with his backpack on, yelling at her to get out of bed. First understand we have a rule about personal spaces in our house. The kids are not allowed to go into each others rooms. We’ve had some problems with stealing and fighting in the past so we decided this was the best option to protect everyone’s personal space.

Simon was just a little anxious for school to start today. In fact, yesterday after his open house (at 9:30am) he came home and went back to bed “to make the day go by faster” was his explanation. I’m thrilled that he was so excited to go back to school, especially since we’ve been fighting round after round the past few weeks. Waking up at 6:15am was not that great for me but we averted the crisis, Avery and I went back to bed until 7 and all was well. After fixing Avery’s hair I came out to find Simon standing at the road waiting for the bus. Mind you our bus does not come until at least 7:40am, he eventually came back inside. After breakfast I sent the kids out to wait for the bus, threatening Simon that if he was bullying his sister I would stand outside and wait for the bus with him in my pajamas.

I sat at my computer, which has a perfect view of our bus stop, catching up on my blog reading. After he yelled at Avery to shut up (for the third time) I walked outside in my pajamas with messy hair and smudged mascara from the night before and waited for the bus to come. It’s really funny how even in a moment of excitement he can create this unnecessary drama, but that’s my Simon.

So they’re off to school! I’m so excited that I almost don’t know what to do with myself. I’m planning on doing some much needed cleaning because I know it won’t get messed up within an hour of being done. I scribbled out some blog ideas already this morning and I’m planning on starting to write regularly now that I’ll have some free time in the mornings. I’m just really glad that I can start to get back into a routine! I don’t have to tell anyone who is a mom how difficult it is to juggle your kids at home all summer, so yes, today I am doing a little celebrating!


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