Adventures in Dreamweaver.

Once upon a time I was pretty proficient at using Photoshop. I worked as an assistant to a graphic artist and had a ton of opportunity to be creative and experiment with the programing. I made advertisements and flyers for the local skate park, worked on various logo designs. Fast forward to today, 10 years later (cue smokey special effects cloud)….

I decided that I would buy Adobe Dreamweaver and learn how to make a website! Mostly because I wanted to be able to update our current business site (www.fallsballroom.com). When we bought our business the website was really sad and a relative offered to spiff it up for us. We love the site but would love it more if we could update it more frequently, something that said relative doesn’t have time to do anymore (understandable). I would really love to get back into graphic design and I figured what a great way to start back up. I could add more pictures to our gallery, update our dance schedules, put the wedding contracts online for the upcoming years.

At BestBuy yesterday someone from the Geek Squad helped me navigate the software aisle. I knew that I needed Adobe Dreamweaver and asked him if I needed Photoshop as well, he assured me that I would not need any other programing. I think that he is full of crap. I bought a Dreamweaver for Dummies book and installed the program. Started reading the introduction as the program installed, I must be really dumb because this book is not making any sense at all. Then I opened the program to see if I could just fart around…NOT.

I’ve been watching tutorials on YouTube for the last 2 hours and it seems to me that I need to go buy Photoshop and possibly smack that Geek Squad guy in the kisser. I’m pretty confident that I can teach myself anything but when I ask someone a question (Geek Squad Guy) I expect to get a correct answer or be directed to someone who knows what they are talking about. So here I am, back to the drawing board. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s frustrating nonetheless.


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