Turning the big 3-0!

I recently celebrated my birthday, not only was it my birthday but it was my golden birthday (a phrase I never heard until moving to Minnesota). I am also coincidentally 30 weeks pregnant, so it was the week of 30 for me. I’m not a big birthday celebration kind of gal, I usually like to keep my birthday on the down low, celebrating with just my family but this year was suppose to be extra special because of turning 30 and all. I had originally wanted to go to Las Vegas with Will and have a mini vaca but being that I’m pregnant this time around, I didn’t think it would be very appropriate to go clubbing with a big momma belly.

My employees asked if they could throw me a little party. Usually I don’t go for that sort of thing but I’ve been reading a lot of books about being a good manager and they all say that small social gatherings with your employees creates better working relationships. I tend to lack some of those skills that require you to be social with people so it’s always a little bit of a challenge for me to be social.

The party was great, a little awkward at first but as more people arrived and the chatter started going I became more comfortable. I was nervous because Will is usually the talker and I just kind of stand back and listen, but this was a girls only party and he wasn’t invited. I was forced to talk to people and be social, but I survived without so much as a little anxiety attack. I know, I’m working on that!

Turning 30 hasn’t been hard for me but I think it’s because I’ve really welcomed the idea. I’m excited about the years ahead. My 20s ended well but they certainly didn’t start on a great note and they were mostly a very difficult time. I have so many blessings now that I’m older, I have beautiful and fun children, I own a home, a car, successfully run a business with my husband, who by the way is pretty amazing. Whats not to love about this transition in life? I know that I have some things to work on, some wrinkles in my personality that still need to be ironed out. I’m constantly trying to improve and all I can do is continue to become the best version of myself.


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