Mom blogs

I enjoy reading a few different blogs, especially those targeted towards moms and parenting. One mom blogger that I normally read recently posted on the topic “how has the online world helped you as a mom?”. I think that the blog world and related sites have helped me a ton. I am constantly looking on to keep updated on my current pregnancy. I live in a small Midwestern town and I find that a lot of parents don’t particularly parent in the similar ways as I do, reading blogs from moms like me, who may have an alternative lifestyles is tremendously helpful. I feel like I’m not all alone in the world. As a mom I don’t always get out there and socialize like I should because I don’t have the time nor the energy after dealing with 3 kids and a business and a husband. Reading mom blogs helps keep me grounded, informed and entertained. Even starting this blog has helped, dispite the few posts that I have made. Women need support, validation, especially when our own family members criticize us and make us feel like we are crazy (ok, maybe that last part only applies to me specifically). So I’d like to give a great big “thank you” to all of the moms out there who share their lives with the world!


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